Last night, BP’s EA (who is in love with him and likes to think she runs his life) called me at 11:20 pm (!) to ask if I’d heard from BP because he’s not calling her back, she doesn’t know where he is, and she “got a weird voicemail message from him” (the substance of which she did not disclose despite my direct inquiry).

Now, I know BP is supposed to be with Junior at his alma mater for a football game, as does she.  I received a cute text from him at 5 am, which suggests he made his scheduled flight.  I did not tell her I’d heard from him at all that day, despite her inquiry, because that’s none of her business.  I just told her I’d heard from him the night before that he had intended to head there.  She just kept saying, “well, it’s just BP being BP.  That’s just how he is.”  I interpreted from everything she said that she wanted me to be concerned that he was not telling me the truth about where he was and what he was doing (and I assume with whom).

My concern is not what she thinks of him or what he does.  My concern was that he was ailing, which has happened several times since I’ve known him.  He’s left for trips and injured himself or suffered a health setback.  He is older than I and, though he is vibrant and youthful, he does have a health issue.  When he is not getting enough rest, it can just spiral out of control and leave him exhausted and lethargic for days.

I texted his bberry as soon as I hung up with his EA and he immediately replied back that he was fine and that he had a drained bberry battery, which is what I had told her.  I called her to let her know I’d heard from him and he was fine.

I feel that his EA will continue to try to cause problems.  I do not know if she knows or suspects that we are involved.  I would assume she does not think that we are, but I could be wrong.  Perhaps she thinks I am sleeping with him, but she still views me as inconsequential.  I have found that people in his life tend to not view me as a threat to their positions.  I am not certain if it’s because they view me as unthreatening or because they are so convinced that they are irreplaceable.  Neither of those things is true.

He relocated her a few months ago to the town in which I live from a city 1500 miles away in which he’d been for a couple of years.  She had lived here before and wanted to move back.  He has her run errands for me and deliver me to and from the airport on every trip, including the ones leaving at 6 am and returning at midnight.  He has made it now a part of her job to do things for me.  She is handling it okay.  Mostly, she’s trying to be very friendly and to pump me for information because he refuses to tell her much about our business dealings.  She has become more of a personal assistant than an executive assistant over time.  Now, she just arranges travel, manages accounts, and handles small ad hoc matters.  I tell her absolutely nothing, but I let her bitch and moan about BP and Junior so she thinks that we’re cool.

I am not certain what her angle is in causing disruptions.  Perhaps he’s still sleeping with her.  He has told me for years that he is not, but she is still in love with him.

Aside from disturbing an otherwise enjoyable Saturday evening, I am not concerned at all.  At this point, I am just dating him.  I am not his girlfriend and I am not sleeping with him.  What he does when he’s not with me is none of my concern.  Having his EA try to cause problems between us will ultimately affect her relationship with him . . . not mine.