I’ve spent the week cleaning, reorganizing, and dusting.  It’s been extremely relaxing to do almost no work.  I had a bit of loneliness yesterday morning, due mostly to a bad choice of morning playlists.  A reminder: no jazz standards while alone.


I took most of the week off.  Almost all of my business associates on the big deal were on vacation, so it made sense to downshift for a bit.  I actually had time to think and be creative, so I came up with some great stuff for a consulting client.  BP loved it, along with my not so subtle reminder that I do my best work when I am rested and unrushed.  We have always built into our schedules long stretches of time to wander aimlessly.  That’s the big thing we’ve been missing all summer.  We’ve been so slammed with work — for me, precise detailed work — that we don’t have the luxury to spend hours or days thinking.


Money is a little tight right now.  I had some very large expenses at the end of the month, so I declined to ask BP for discretionary money.  Because I’ve been traveling so much, I am spending much more money that I normally do, no matter how careful I am.


I only saw BP once this week.  Other than that, he was out of town.

I am not dating anyone else.  He has asked me to not see other people.  He has pointedly asked me not to kiss anyone else.  That’s not why I am not.  I just have not encountered anyone this week I would find appealling.

I am still open to the opportunity of meeting someone who is not BP.  That’s not to say I don’t adore him, I do.  It’s just that at this point I do not think we have a long-term romantic future together.

With BP, I am continuing to remain open-minded and I have decided that I will continue to see him through the rest of the year to see what develops.  After that, who knows.


I feel great about how I look.  I wore my favorite dress out on Friday and I had a hard time not staring at myself in the mirror.  A said I looked better than he ever remembers me looking.  It’s not that I am thinner (I was 5 pounds thinner when we met); it’s a refinement of style.  My hair is long (for me); the color is perfect.  All of my friends are reacting to me differently, too.

I have a tremendous amount of confidence, no matter what I am wearing.  I am still putting together ensembles of old clothes and carrying them off.

This week, I wore dresses more than separates.  My preference is always to wear dresses, but it’s easier to pull separates off when I am traveling.  I cannot remember the last time I wore trousers.  I wear jeans perhaps once a month.

I want to go shopping for a couple of new things soon, but I am still able to pull off whatever look I need.


I have hit my revised goal this week.  I am at 123.  I slipped into a size 2 pencil skirt, which shocked me.

All of my 4 clothes fit, and some of them are a bit big.  I have had to retire almost all of my 6 clothing.  I have a couple of pencil skirts that are still wearable, they just sit lower.

I have been exercising — mostly doing pilates and ab work with a bit of cardio.

Food Plan

I have been incorporating kefir and greek yogurt back into my diet.  I am drinking about 6 oz of kefir nearly every day.  I always stir in about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.  I drank no wine this week, for no good reason.
Aside from eating way more pork ribs than absolutely necessary, I ate on plan all week.
At home, I am eating a little more than I used to.  I am now eating 3 oz of beef or turkey and 3.5 oz of fish when I am cooking for myself.  I’ve been stiring a 1/4 ounce of feta into my evening spinach side dish.