After a crappy day, I had a lovely evening.

I met an extremely hot guy for cocktails (for business), and my friends decided to show up at the same bar because I let them know I would be there. On the way there, I bumped into the Alternate Reality who kept hugging me. He knows BP and is a huge fan, as he told the friend sitting with him. When I told him I was “dating,” I told him that BP was looking for people like himself for me to date. The AR said, “well, of course he would pick the people you would date, but yeah, you couldn’t date him though. That would be too intense.” Nah, AR, I couldn’t date him at all. I left the door open about dating, since AR does know all of the most eligible men in town.

After I finished my business cocktails, I endured the harassment of my friends about flirting with yet another man with whom I do business (I wasn’t — besides, he’s too young for me . . . he’s the same distance in age from me as I am from BP).

My friends drifted home (it was already after 9) until it was just me and JF. At the next place, JF tried to give me a hard time and asked some of our bar buddies questions to demonstrate how much BP likes me. I told him that I know he likes me. I like him. That’s never been the issue. I told him we’ve discussed it. I also told JF and reiterated with I had told him and C earlier that I am not looking for a casual sexual relationship. I let them know that I had the opportunity to sleep with BP if I wanted to (it’s something that’s been obvious and often mentioned by them), but that I have not.

What I discussed with JF is that an involvement with BP, were it to happen, would be serious. It wouldn’t be a drunken, celebratory hook-up.

JF took it all in. I then opened the door a bit. I asked if they would be upset if I dated BP. He thought about it and said, “No, I think it would be fine. BUT, it shouldn’t happen while you’re still dependent on him financially.”

Yeah, that would be bad.

He really thought that everyone would be okay with me dating BP. I wonder if they believe I have dated him, or if he understands that we do, in fact, like each other very much. Whatever the reason, I’ve introduced the idea, so if I decide to tell them, it will not be a complete shock.