My weight dipped to 122.8 yesterday and it freaked me out a bit.  After my weight had been fairly stable all summer (averaging 128), I’ve lost almost 6 pounds in 2 weeks following the end of my last period and a trip. 

I know how to stop losing weight — eat more calories, eat more carbs.  Yesterday, I did.  I ate maybe 300 more calories and ate an extra 25 grams of carbs (I indulged in a single small soft taco size flour tortilla after eating the fillings from my spectacularly good Taco Deli steak fundido tacos).  

I gained half a pound!  I know from my Tanita scale that it’s mostly water, but still, half a pound!

One of the reasons my weight has been so stable, aside from the whole set-point thing, is that I eat carefully at home and less carefully when I travel or have meals with BP.  When we are out, I drink wine, I sometimes split a dessert with him, and sometimes I drink a lot of margaritas.  The volume of the food is bigger though I generally stick with my Food Plan:  protein, healthy fats, salads, grilled or steamed vegetables, with occasional splurges and indulgences.

That strategy has served me well, especially when I am eating meals out 3 or 4 days per week.  Since I have been BP-free and travel-free for two weeks, my weight has been dropping.

Rather than switch my strategy up when I am not going out to eat all the time, I think I will continue to stick to the Food Plan.  I have already been eating more vegetables and slightly more overall calories.  This is the way I prefer to eat, so forcing myself to eat slightly differently at home does not make much sense.