I am a Republican supporting Obama.  That’s not really accurate . . . I am now an Independent who crossed over to vote in the Democratic primary for the first time in my life to vote and caucus for Obama.

Before it became the party of fundamentalists, I was an active GOP member.  I organized, I was elected to local office, I was a delegate.  Then, the party shifted and left me and my cohort of socially liberal, economic conservatives behind.  

Most nights, BP and I watch the talking heads on tv and call each other to rant and rave.  He was a part of my cohort and he too is supporting Obama.  One way I know he is feeling better is he called me all day and all evening to have me switch channels to hear one thing or another.  (Bill Maher!  Roland Martin!  Rachel Maddow!)

All of the news about Palin makes me nervous.  The bounce makes me nervous.  Obama’s preternatural calm makes me nervous.

I am so afraid about this election.  I live in a red state that is not switching.  Worse, I live in a liberal bastion within a red state, so none of my votes ever count.  

I just hope that enough people where it matters look past the bluster and lies.  I hope they do the right thing for our country.

But I am very, very nervous.