My friends now all believe I have a secret boyfriend (I don’t) and that’s it’s BP, which it is, were I to have one.

I spoke with W, the most judgmental of all of my friends.  We were chatting about dating and I told him I am ready to start dating.  He called me out on it to say you say that, but you have a boyfriend.  I told him I did not.  He said, yeah, but you’re dating BP.  I said, well, yes, I guess you can say that I have been dating him, although to “date” someone means to actually go out on dates, and I had not seen him in 2 weeks.  

He said that they all thought I was dating him, and agreed that I would absolutely lie about it — except I did not lie about it, I don’t think.  What they also agreed I would not lie about is having sex with him, which I am not (neither having sex nor lying about it).

I have been telling them for weeks that I like him.  They know and have seen that he likes me long before that.  The idea that we are dating is actually fairly easy for them to handle.  

There is one serious objection though:  they do not want for me to be kept.  I think that’s why the no sex caveat is important to them.  Heck, it’s one of the reasons it is important to me.  I have no problem with my friend and business partner giving me money for food or paying my mortgage or whatever.  I might feel differently if it were within the context of a sexual relationship.  I think that affects BP, too.  We have not discussed at length the reasons we’re waiting, but we have discussed the fact that we are.

It’s amusing that my friends are all generally onboard now that I am no longer certain we’re dating.  BP, if I ever have the chance to speak with him again, will probably be amused, too.