Every time I post something here, tectonic shifts happen.  Okay, maybe not tectonic.  Maybe just little winds blowing.  As soon as I work it out in my mind, whatever problem or dilemma I am mulling, adjustments happen.

So, after writing all about how I finally figured out he’d been pulling back from me after he became ill and that’s why it all felt so weird and awkward . . . it feels as though we are getting back on track.

Last night, we were relaxed by the time we parted (when he was rushing off to a meeting).  We hugged and there was no awkwardness.  

We had been at a pan-Asian type restaurant at the Triangle with fortune cookies (and an good ahi salad).  I opened mine a couple of hours after I got in and it was remarkable how closely it tracked to our specific conversations.  Yeah, I know, coincidence, but I called him anyway to let him know.

He was in the meeting, but he called me back immediately.  I just laughed and said, it’s really, really stupid.  The last couple of weeks he’d been harder to get in touch with, so him calling from a meeting was actually a big deal.  I just wish I’d had a better reason than “my fortune was really cool.”

This morning, I received cute text messages from him and we spoken by phone a couple of times.  He seems re-engaged in me and what we’re doing.  He did stand me up for dinner tonight.  He’s not in town, although I had suspected he was.  He let me know with enough advance warning that I considered alternate plans.

Instead, I stayed home, played in my closet, and worked out.  As soon as I finished my post-cardio ab work, he called and we chatted and watched the news for over an hour.  In other words, everything was completely back to normal.

After two weeks of stress and concern, it already feels different.  It already feels like he has stopped pulling back and the awkwardness is gone.