This turned out to be easy . . .

BP sent word that he is on a jet “heading north” for his normal football weekend activities.  Since I knew he was flying up for the game (as he does each weekend), it was a longshot that he’d delay to come to town, especially with an early game tomorrow.

That means N is on deck.  I called him and he’s excited.  He mentioned what he’d be wearing and that we’d be going “somewhere nice.”  I reminded him that I met him while he was in his (own) tuxedo so I assumed he’d not be showing up in shorts and a t-shirt.

I had already decided what I would wear — a dress, duh.  If I remember correctly, he is a little taller than I am in high heels, but he’s not tall.  I think that makes him like 5’9, which is much shorter than I prefer.  (I could be wrong though and he might be taller.) That means I have to carefully think through the shoes. I was going to wear my highest heeled wedges because they are comfortable for walking, but I may wear slightly lower stilettos.

I asked my best friends, all men, for advice:

  1. Don’t put out…on the first date.
  2. … just be yourself and I’m sure it will be fine. 
  3. … don’t forget to at least make a half-hearted effort to help with the bill.  Though he would be a complete dirt bag if he actually let you pay anything, he would still probably appreciate it if you at least ask.  Just don’t push it or you might convince him to say yes.
  4. make sure your place is clean when he comes knocking on your door.
  5. Remember, if you order from the “fucking” side of the menu, expectations do start to build…… 
  6. I totally agree with the “fake check” move.  We greatly appreciate the gesture. 

Best friend JF, which stands for Jerk Face, the biggest ass among my friends, asked pointedly: “is [BP] ok with your dating activity tonight?”  I said that he is out of town and that they know the answer to that.  (That would be an enormous “No.”)

JF’s response was “[BP] isnt much of an issue to me since you repeatedly tried to deny the level of activity between you.”  Isn’t that lovely?  “Repeatedly tried to deny”?  Not denied, but tried to deny.

I do feel a little weird about it because of BP.  N knows I am dating someone else, though I have no intention of telling him who.  I would not want him worrying every time I leave for a trip.  It’s also none of N’s business.  As for BP, yes, he would be okay that I am going out on a date, but he would be very displeased if I kissed N.  Still, he’s not my boyfriend and we are not exclusive, so his feelings are his problem.

My friends are all super-excited about this.  Apparently, N is a very big deal and everyone is charmed that I had no idea who he is or what he does.  I still don’t care.  I think he’s interesting.  W, who introduced us, thinks he’s smitten, especially since he’s postponing other plans because I am available.

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