BP is out of the country, as I had intuited when he did not call me last night.

He always call me when he lands from his weekend trips.  When I had not heard from him, I knew exactly where he was, even which hotel.  He was shocked, but I have known him for years.  I knew what was on his mind and that left very little doubt of which country, city, and hotel.  He’s easy to understand (for me).

I have not seen him for almost 2 weeks.  Tonight, he’s leaving where he is and flying to a different city, still over a thousand miles away.  I assume he will be there two or three days.  It is actually likely that I will not see him until next week.  We were supposed to fly somewhere together on Wednesday, but I think we will delay again.  Plus, his daughter is making a big move this week, so he’s getting her situated.

On this unprecedented market drop day, for the first time ever, BP mentioned that his portfolio is taking a hit:  he said it’s a small portion of his overall holdings, but significant.  That’s a little scary because he is my business partner and chief investor.  When his finances take a hit, my finances take a hit.

Things are good between us, but i miss him terribly.  A couple of years ago, we used to go months without seeing each other.  The last year or so, we’ve been able to see each other at least every 10 days.  Since April, a week rarely passed that we did not see each other, either here or on a trip.  September has been rough: with his health crisis and the market, he’s been stressed, distracted, and unavailable.  I think I’ve only seen him 2 days this whole month.  We’ve canceled a bunch of trips because he’s been unable to travel.  Now that he’s feeling better, he decided at the last minute to deal with a business matter because it was quick from where he was.

I spent time with his EA today.  BP needed me to handle something for him, so she dutifully arrived to drive me around.  Though we clash at times, she’s very sweet and very depressed, so I spent about 45 minutes just talking to her after I finished.  She always wants to talk about him, to tell me where he is and what he’s doing.  I never respond, except to feign surprise and let her know that I had no idea.  I made that mistake with her once, letting her know where I suspected he was, and BP was not happy.  For today, he specifically wanted to be sure that she had no idea what I was doing.  She just knew where to take me and she waited outside.  Today, we spoke about a business idea she has that she wants to pitch to BP.  I was very supportive and let her know that I think she should work on it — basically, it would give her something to do, which would help her get refocused.

I was chatting with Q tonight, and admitted BP to him.  Now Q knows BP — or at least they have met a few times.  I prefaced it by saying, you know how I am the Queen of inappropriate relationships . . . Q said, well, you are speaking to the King, so I do not judge.  It felt great to get it off my chest, but I realized later on when I was hanging out with JF that they all know BP is my secret boyfriend and they also assume the level of our relationship (that we’re in the kissing, but not sex phase, though I could sleep with him if I want).  I have not confirmed any of that to them, but I guess they know me and they have interacted with us enough to see how he feels.