This has been an incredibly stressful couple of days.

The market difficulties are shaking some of our best clients to their core.  BP is stressed about the market — which is terrifying.  I have been responding to lawsuits against two of my clients, who are pondering bankruptcy.  I was asked to provide a ton of verification information to my financial services company.  I am looking for new office space, unexpectedly, after BP decided that our current arrangement was suboptimal.  (He is right — my only reason for staying was pure laziness.)

There are just so many weird things happening all at once.

The positive thing is that it is the end of the month and the end of the quarter.  I keep hoping that if we can just get through today, we’ll be in better shape for the end of the year.  That is probably ridiculous, but it is keeping me going through all this exhaustion and nonstop work.

The new office is so much better than the old one. There are better services available.  It will make my life much easier.  It’s about 20% more expensive, but it’s well worth it. He’s happy about it, which is good, since he’s paying for it.

Everything else is in flux.  On stressful days like this, it sucks to have BP as my guy.  He has been amazing all day long.  We spent hours prepping for something, but at times, I just wanted to talk to my guy to say “I am so aggravated at my partner!”

I did say to him a few minutes ago: “you know I love you, but you are such an ass sometimes.”  He laughed.