At the encouragement of my friends, I signed up for an online dating site a couple of weeks ago — one of the more restricted ones.

I have been moving through the process very slowly, but I am surprised that there are definitely some quality men online: successful, attractive, interesting.  Okay, there are a couple of interesting men and a lot of men I would probably never glance at in a bar.  Still, I am being very open-minded and trying to expand my dating pool beyond: Friends and Friends of Friends . . . and my Business Partner.

This morning, someone kind of interesting asked to contact me directly via email.*  He was kinda cute, actually, with a profile I really liked.  His job description was on point.  Most importantly, he sent me his actual email in his real name in his request.  I looked him up before I agreed and found him on facebook and as an Obama  donor.  I saw his zip code, which showed he lives in a great area very close to mine, and what his friends said about him.  Then, after checking what turned up for me on google, I sent him my real name email.

I probably should have consulted my best friends before doing it, but it’s not like I ever ask their permission for anything.

====>  Update

Well, we have now exchanged emails and he’s fascinating.  I mean it.  He is seriously fascinating.  He’s not much older than me.  We share a couple of interests.  He has been writing some really interesting things.

It’s kind of exciting to meet someone like him.  We’re trying to figure out the protocol, etc., and where we go from here.

Again, I am still dating BP and, technically, I am still planning to go out with N again.

In his last long message, he picked up on something I said to suggest a date for Saturday.  I have accepted, after consultation with JF.  It’s an afternoon activity followed by dinner.  A perfect afternoon activity, as a matter of fact.  If it goes well, it’s awesome.  If it goes poorly, I will be home in time for dinner.

* This is my first contact with BFD.