Our first date was so perfect it did not feel like a first date.

It was sort of three dates in one.  We first went to a cultural thing and wandered around for 2 hours.  It all felt so natural that he slipped his keys into my purse, like he was the boyfriend.  Then we went downtown for an early dinner or tapas, but I could not find Malaga.  Instead we ended up at an Italian place where we sat outside.  We had a cocktail and split a few appetizers.  We then wandered around more and headed to my favorite bar for another glass of wine for me and dinner for me.

He was handsome, charming, gracious. He was a little shorter than I had expected and significantly better looking with a great physique.  When he picked me up, he called when he arrived (I hate to make people come up) and then got out of the car.  He offered me his hand as I stepped up to the walkway and of course opened my door.  As we walked along, I told him that I had been so nervous all day.  He had been too.

There was immediate, unmistakable chemistry between us.

Date one — cultural thing

We had a fabulous time wandering around, seeing interesting things and things we thought were stupid.  We kept bumping into each other and touching each other’s arms, waists, etc.  By the halfway point, we were holding hands, awkwardly at first.  He grabbed my hand to escort me down the staircase, which I thought was adorable. At times, he held on to my hip or my dress as we wandered.

Because of where we were and what we were doing, we were able to ascertain so many things about each other so quickly that we got immediately to substance discussions.  I teased him about living in New York for so long and skipping my favorite exhibition because it was not in Manhattan.  We found that we both studied the same language.  We had some very similar taste of what we liked and what we did not. I am slightly more open-minded in my taste, but he was very willing to ask why I liked it and reconsider his own evaluation.  I did the same with him.

By the end of the two hours, he had bought a lovely gift for his nieces and we were both completely comfortable with each other.

Date two — dinner 1

We sat outside at a restaurant on 2nd Street.  He had a cocktail, I drank champagne.  We sat for a couple of hours, sharing multiple light appetizers and then he ordered something I did not eat.  We spoke about a lot of things, having a basic date-type conversation.  He asked about my family.  We spoke about past relationships in broad generalities.  I told him I had been with my ex for a long time.  He told me about some of the women he had dated in the last town in which he lived.  Almost all of the stories were disastrous — and funny.  We spoke about how difficult it was for him to date since women wanted him because of what he could do for them.  I told him I understood that completely and we laughed about being targeted by wildly inappropriate people.

It was all so comfortable it felt as though we knew each other well.  I think the two hour conversation we had on Friday helped, but we just had a great general understanding of each other.  The physical chemistry between us was strong.

After we finished, we wandered around downtown for a bit and then I took him to my favorite bar.  That was a sign that things were going very well.

Date three — dinner 2

We sat at the bar and I introduced him to a few people.  We were turned towards each other the whole time.  He told me where he’d like to see his life in the next 18 months.  I was concerned that I did not fit into it, but we’ll have to see.  He was great with the staff there and everyone seemed to like him very much.

The first kiss

This was electric.  In the parking garage elevator, he moved behind me, pulled me close, and wrapped his arms around me.  When we got off the elevator, we started to walk toward the car.  I cannot remember what happened exactly, but he stopped and walked me backwards into the elevator lobby to kiss me passionately.  It was extremely hot.

He’s a little aggressive, which really worked for him.  He’s not an enormous man.  In fact, I think he’s not much taller than me, if at all.  That made the fact he was very direct and assertive a real turn on.  If he were BP’s size, it would have been offputting.

The good night kiss(es)

He kept his hand on my thigh or holding my hand during the ten minutes it took us to get back to my place.  He walked me up and I invited him in.  He said “are you sure???”  I was sure I did not want to kiss him on my terrace in front of my neighbors.

He kissed me again in the living room.  For a while.  I love how he kisses.  We both let things go a little further than we should have, but it felt great to be in his arms, with his lips against my neck.  We actually laughed about the whole thing, and we did stop, but that was challenging.  It is probably for the best that he had to leave today.  He said, otherwise, he’d never want to leave.  That’s how great everything felt.

As he left, he said he would call me when he got home, which he did.  He also said he’d call me today, after he arrived.


He is the most amazing guy.  I felt immediately comfortable with him.  The whole date felt as though we had known each other for a long, long time.

I like him enough it has freaked me out.  I know he’s traveling, etc., but I cannot wait to speak to him.  I am excited to see him again, while being freaked out at the possibility that he’s already thinking, eh, she’s okay.