The new new man, he of the best first date ever, asked me a tough question this morning: “what do you want me to bring you back from New York?”


I gave him a cute, glib answer: “an everything bagel.”  (I don’t even like them, but what else do you say to the new new man?  A diamond from Tiffany’s?)  He rejected that response and told me I had 48 hours to come up with something.

I turned to everyone for advice.  My mother and aunt (who were in the car together) said “a scarf,” which is what we always purchase for ourselves and each other on trips, and NY specific fashion magazines.  I emailed my brother’s girlfriend — she’s young and hip, so I thought she would have some cute ideas.  She’s come up empty as well.  Cute food ideas, but they don’t work for me.  Plus, the new new man announced he wants to drop 5 pounds (from where?!!  he is in fantastic shape), so that’s definitely out.

The three musketeers gave me conflicting advice:  JF said, figure out something NY specific that costs under $500.  WTF, Jerk Face?!!!  For real, you want me to be that girl?  His feeling is that it should be something substantial, not just a token.  What. Ever.  E and W were pretty much in agreement that I should pretty much decline to answer and say there is nothing that I wanted except having him back in town.

Tonight, I answered him, via email, since he is up there on a business trip.  I told him that I would like a new scarf.  I mentioned that the one I wore on our date was a gift from my mother and I think of her when I wear it.

I know it was a test.  I thought my answer can make it as simple or as complicated as he would like.  He can think of it in any way and in any price range.  The bottom line is that I asked him for something that will remind me of him when I wear it, whether I am with him or not.  It may have been too difficult a request, but I answered him honestly and how he chooses to interpret it is completely up to him.