I am already reconsidering my request, of course.  I think I should have given him an easier task, on the one hand.  On the other, I know it’s pretty damn easy — certainly easier than running to Dean & Deluca for truffle salt.

Even as I reconsider, I know he surrendered the easiest out of “a bagel.”

He described me accurately, before actually meeting me, as “quite a handful.”  I am spoiled and impish and opinionated.  Those are things he likes about me . . . and things that make dating me challenging, in a positive way for a man who finds such challenges compelling.

It’s slightly impish to make him have to think carefully about what to pick up.  It’s also honestly what I would be buying for myself were I with him there.

I have already given this too much thought, but it’s more fun to worry about this than focus on the fact I am ill.