I spoke with the new new man this afternoon — while A was here.  I received a cute voicemail from him and we chatted for a bit.

He opted out of my gift idea.  He actually went to Saks to look for something and then, being in an unrelated bad mood, couldn’t find anything he liked . . . or justify getting something I could easily get here.  So, I kind of failed the test, but we both passed, of course, by enhancing our understanding of how the other thinks.  It’s fascinating.  I told him something that could have been simple or extravagant.  When I mentioned to him that he could have gone in another way, he corrected me that he actually couldn’t.  Good man.

I have no idea if he will bring me anything at all.  All I really wanted was to see him tomorrow, which I will.

He flies back in the morning and I will see him late afternoon/early evening.  He asked if we could do something low-key, since he is exhausted.  I happily agreed because I have been ill all week.

Our first date was the best first date ever.  Our second date might be us falling asleep on the sofa while watching football.