That’s the question of the day: is the new guy just a playboy?

At this point, I think he’s simply a narcissist.  I have dated plenty of them, and only some of them are also playboys. (Like BP, although he does it with such charm and aplomb you have to appreciate a true master at work.  No really . . . it’s a lovely thing to watch from inside or outside.  I can say that having been both — he is a marvel.   [Looking forward to seeing you this week, sweetheart.])

The new guy has failed, mightily.  He was supposed to have called me yesterday.  When I did not hear from him, I emailed him late, to say thank you for a wonderful evening.  No response.  Today, no calls and no email.  No contact whatsoever.  I know he checked my profile on the dating site yesterday, but I have heard nothing.

I have thought through our interactions and there was nothing to indicate any real weirdness or playboy-ish tendencies.  It was an odd date, but we really had a great time together.  He was adorable and affectionate.  Things were a little strained as he became more exhausted, after travel, etc., but we had a late dinner, and he drove me home, kissed me goodnight, and then we spoke later, when he said he’d call me the next day.  That was it.

Technically, it’s not completely finished, I suppose, but it certainly feels that way.  The longer it goes, the less inclined I am to see him again.  The longer it goes, he seems like just another playboy.