Last week was bad.  I was ill and uncomfortable.  I had a fever.  I was bloated (still bloated).

I could concentrate on nothing, and I had tons of work to do.  I tried to struggle through it, but all of my work is thinking work. When my brain does not work, nothing of value is created.

On Saturday, I had an odd second date with the new guy BFD.  It was a great date if I am his girlfriend.  It was an odd date if I am a woman he is dating.  I am evaluating who he is and whether he is boyfriend material.  I am unsure at this point.  Everything with him is so comfortable that it’s easy to forget I don’t know him well.  It’s like I know how his brain works, but not how he takes his coffee.  I am still figuring out what I want and where I am willing to compromise.

Yesterday was stressed and tense within my own head.  PMS is fully here.  My weight was up two pounds from the sushi I had with the new guy.

This morning, I feel better.  The fever is mostly gone.  I am on day 3 of my medicine and it feels like the underlying condition is mostly gone.

I spent 15 minutes chatting with a very sleepy BP.  He is still exhausted.  He’s been ailing for so long and pushing himself so hard.  Though it is 9:30 am, he hung up to go back to sleep.  He did sound a bit better.  He took the last few days off — which was easy since I was not working — and he sounds almost like himself again.  Almost.  I should see him this week.  He’s back in the state, though still not in town.