This afternoon, I heard from the best first date ever guy (“BFD”), via email, asking very casually if I wanted to “go get some [dinner] tomorrow night” at a very casual restaurant we had discussed on our first date.  Actually, I love that place, though it is not the kind of thing I normally eat, which he knows.

I forwarded the message to W to say “he reached out.”  Interestingly, W was offended by the lack of intimacy.  He said, it sounds like he wants to be “buddies” and maybe “buddies with benefits.”

I suppose that’s always the risk when you are getting to know someone, but that has never been my impression.  Our emails have consistently lacked intimacy.  They are, in general, very concise.  We’re both busy people with intense careers.

The message was slightly unclear about whether it is a “date.”  I mean, how do you know such things?  I emailed him back to accept, and asked what time, though I have not yet heard back.

I am continuing to evaluate everything to figure out what I want and if he could be the guy.  I like him — we’re intellectually compatible and we have definite physical chemistry.  Other than that, I am still figuring it out.

My mother asked me what I really wanted.  Sadly, my answer was “BP about 10 years younger and [with fewer complications].”