I cannot stand to listen to her voice.  Her style of speaking bothers me.  Her pride in her special brand of ignorance offends me.  Her dog whistle to her supporters’ basest beliefs angers me.

This morning, I listened to her “Special Policy Address,” and I became infuriated.  Her hypocrisy is not unexpected, but everything that she wants for special needs children are the very things she would want to deny to children who are not hers:  opportunity to a good education, opportunity for jobs, support for families.

Imagine her making the same comments about children who are economically disadvantaged.

Update:  Apparently, I am not alone.  I just read this on Matthew Yglesias:

But when you see candidates out there on the hustings talking about how we need to take care of special needs children, well, it makes me mad. Of course we need to take care of their needs. But kids, special and otherwise, need all kinds of stuff. They need decent childcare and nutritious food and they need to see doctors and dentists and they need clothing and they need decently maintained houses that are heated in the winter. They need parents with job opportunities and schedules that are flexible enough to take care of them. Nobody seriously denies that kids need this stuff. But lots of people are just indifferent to the fact that a huge proportion of our children don’t get their needs met.