BP was in town again tonight, for another dinner with me and a brief meeting.  We wrapped everything in 2.5 hours total.  We accomplished so much that we spent an extra hour talking about politics.

He approved of tonight’s outfit — black tights, black stilettos, black skirt a few inches above the knee, black cardigan, grey tank.  (He said I almost looked like I had an ass, but I think he was just being nice to me.)

It is fascinating to deal with a man interested in fashion. He has actual opinions and knowledge about clothing, designers, fabrics, etc.  With him, I have to raise my game much higher than with anyone else and how I dress in town is slightly different from how I dress when we are on the road.  It’s more casual and less fashion forward here than most other places we go.  Lately, I have been dressing in town as I dress out of town and even my idiot friends have noticed.

We also discussed potential Christmas presents — he seemed to agree to my requests for my holiday travel (and a new coat for my Christmas trip), plus he said that Santa might need to bring a new outfit for me.    I am not holding my breath for gifts, but I will be pressing hard for the coat.  Thanks to him I got a gorgeous coat for my mother a couple of years ago, so I know that can happen.

He was in a bit of a rush, so he got out of the car to kiss and hug me and send me on my way.  There is a rumor I will be seeing him tomorrow for lunch before he flies up north, but who knows.

We have both accepted I am now skinny and I think he’s getting used to it.  He did grab my calf in appreciation (again) and when he hugged me, he let me know that I feel good and everything is smaller and tighter in a positive way.

Overall, it was a great night with lots accomplished, plus I had a chance to hang out with my one of my best friends again.  I think we have both realized that we work so much better when we’re together.  It took us 30 minutes to knock out things we had discussed for three weeks while we were apart.

BFD watch:

Still zero contact.  Last contact: Tuesday, October 21.  I am slowly becoming amused.

Frankly, it helps to have BP here because I feel very desirable when I am with him.  The fact that he wants me is meaningful.  My friends reminded me today that they knew how much he liked me months before I had any clue.  I wish it did not matter, but it helps to lessen the feeling of rejection or at least the rejection I would feel if I were less of a narcissist.  For now, I just think BFD is too clueless and inconsiderate to be significant in my life.