Setting aside BFD’s recent disappearance, I can say unequivocally that eHarmony knocked that match out of the park.  He is someone I never would have considered had I met him in real life, but we were so perfectly matched and perfectly suited that I am still a bit shocked by the whole thing. No matter what happens with him, I know that eHarmony found someone absolutely perfect for me and that I would have never found him on my own.

This morning, I found among my 8 new matches . . . one of the three amigos.  Yes, I was just matched with one of my best friends, who I actually dated when we were in school.

For anyone who is considering the online dating route, I have to say I am extremely impressed with eHarmony.  It is something I never thought I would try, but I am so glad I did.  If nothing else, it has shown me the possibilities present around me and helped me recover from my breakup with A and deal better with my relationship troubles with BP.