After I spent ALL afternoon whining to my guy friends that BFD had not called me to ask me out, he called me to ask me out.

He did not want to go out tonight, nor did I, so we agreed on tomorrow.  I told him I was planning to go to E’s house to watch the game, so I invited him to join me and he enthusiastically agreed.


He is still in serious pain, so we were only going to do dinner, anyway, but this has certainly raised the stakes significantly.  For our fourth date, he’s basically meeting my family.  Fortunately, W will be absent, but Jerk Face will be there and he is impossible to control.

I think it is more likely than not that my girly whining about him may become a topic of conversation.  It was bad — really and truly bad.  Like I am embarassed by how bad it was 8 hours later.  Like I will have to make it up to my friends for being such a dumbass.

Here’s what happened:  I emailed him about 1030 to check on him.  No response.  At 1230, I started getting a bit antsy.  I signed on to the online dating site, and saw he’d updated his profile (added a new photo).  Ahem.

(Okay, now as I acknowledged to my friends, I am dating BP, so I have no grounds to stand on regarding his profile since I am still kissing another dude.  JF reminded me that I am “making out” with another guy “with tongue.”  Yeesh, enough Jerk Face.  Point made.)

I got pissed.  Seriously pissed.  So pissed I called his home . . . and a woman answered.

He has a couple of offices at his home, so I knew it was his assistant, but she answered the phone like it was his home.  I said I had the wrong number, and she said, “oh, are you calling for BFD?”   She said she thought she heard him coming in, and would I like to hold?  I declined, gave my name, and did not give my number.  Then one of my friends called with terrible news, so I spoke to him and then called BFD on his cell.  It went to voicemail.

By this point, I was apoplectic.  Not only is he active on the dating website, he is ignoring me and not dating me.  I called Jerk Face to say, what the hell is wrong with me?  Why do I keep dating the wrong guys?  I called W and whined to him about the fact that things were so great, so how could this happen?

They both told me I was overreacting. W, as is his way, said, so what are you going to say when he calls you?  I said, he’s not going to call me.  I walked them through everything that’s going on, the pain, the stress, etc.  They each cited that as the reason he did not call, might not want to see me.  BFD is a man’s man, adrenaline junkie.  In the month since I met him, he has suffered unexpected business difficulty, a global financial meltdown affecting his businesses, and a serious injury.  He went from having everything to suffering, and W postulated that perhaps he preferred to not have me see him like this, perhaps while he regained his footing, he might want to see someone who is meeting him here, rather than where he was, until recovers.

I called A because we were supposed to head out to early vote and he was late.  Of course, I got his voicemail.

It was now a little before 3 and I was over the whole thing.  No longer angry, still disappointed, struggling to finalize some work in case A showed, so, of course, BFD called.

Of course.

We chatted for 40 minutes.  He said early on, okay, so, what are you doing this weekend?  I told him I had not set plans.  He asked if I wanted to grab dinner Saturday and I told him about E’s thing.  Though he cares not about college football, he said he’s in.  I told him about the guys, and he’s cool with it all.

So, now I am freaking out a little.  What if he’s a jerk?  I mean, it is possible.  I have only seen him interact with staff.  He’s not effortlessly charming, but he makes an effort.

BFD actually seems excited to meet my friends.  I mean, they’re great, but this could go so very wrong.  I am glad W will not be there.  He might cause a bit of trouble by “trying” to be “funny.”  Without him, it should be mellow, except JF is like my little brother.

Anyway, I am excited about seeing BFD because I have missed him terribly.  It’s been 2.5 weeks since I have seen him.  My goal is to hang there for an hour or so and then bounce back to his place, which I already told him.  Of course, if it’s great, then we can stay.

He will be the first man I have brought as a date around my friends since A and I split up more than a year ago.  (They have socialized with me and BP, while we were “dating” but before we had kissed . . . so I did not think we were dating.  [I am an idiot.])    It’s important to me that they like BFD — or rather that they don’t hate him.  They love BP, but not as my guy.  They still love A.  I don’t care if they love BFD, just so long as they are cool with him.