We had our first kind of eh date.  He was late, he was in pain, and I was uncomfortable.

We hung out with my friends, which was great.  He brought a host gift, which was great.  He rooted against the host’s team, which was bad.  He was in pain, which was bad.  He was standoffish from me, which was bad.

He met me there, 40 minutes after he was expected, and got a little lost, though I sent him a map and he has two gps devices.  Sadly, we never heard the phones when he called.  Twice.

He really liked them a lot.

I just heard back from hypercritical Jerk Face who said, “I see why you like him.”  He’s nice and educated and inquisitive and well-read.  They liked how we related to each other, though I was getting on Jerk Face’s nerves by being giggly.  Which I absolutely was not.  They actually liked him.  JF said, “we’ll be seeing him again, I am sure.”  Yep, they will.


BFD and I spoke about our upcoming week.  I am hoping we can see each other midweek.  He asked what the week held for me and it looks like we may both be available Wednesday or Thursday.

The kissing was remarkably unpassionate.  He leaned over in the car and kissed me.  We kissed each other a few times, pecks really, and I hugged him goodbye.  He’s in pain.  He did not enjoy it.

We ended things early-ish so he could go pick up someone from the airport.  I said “friend” he corrected with “colleague.”  A couple of notes:  I did not see a real guest room at his place.  There might have been one, but I really only saw one bed . . . his.  He said he is open to having friends come to Austin to stay, especially since he travels so much.  He still has his second house, but I have no idea if that is where she is staying.

I have spoken in depth to all of my friends and everyone was underwhelmed by the evening.  We all feel like it kinda sucked, and not just because the home team lost.  It was awkward and uncomfortable.  They did not feel as though they got a chance to know him because of the timing and the game.  They look forward to getting to know him.

It was a bad idea on my part to have that be our date.  I should have made other plans with him and I definitely regret it.