Things are definitely changing.

I just spoke with BFD.  First, I called his cell and left a voicemail.  Then I texted a brief “how are you?”

Within 15 minutes (!), he called me from the home/office to give me the great news that they think it’s something that can be fixed through physical therapy and that it’s a less severe injury than we had feared.  While we were chatting, he began speaking to someone else in the room — his assistant’s daughter who was out of school for the day.  It was adorable and he explained he had a house filled with women who he could not get off the phones.

He is replying promptly to messages.  He’s making plans with me — hopefully, we will see each other on Wednesday.  He sounds happy and engaged and relieved.

There was a sweetness in his tone that I heard when he spoke to me.  He tends to drop his voice a bit when we wrap up.  It almost feels like a hug.  (That may be the girliest thing I have ever written — or thought.)  I know that we are making progress, that we feel strong.  He knows I supported him and was there for him when he was cranky and withdrawn.  Though he has not mentioned it, I know that he liked that I gave him space, and I think he liked that I let him know, without being too intrusive, that he was in my thoughts.

It all feels different all of a sudden.