BFD just called to postpone our date and I am beyond thrilled.  Well, not by the postponement, but because we’re making huge progress.  I am sitting on the sofa, grinning stupidly, and very happy.

Okay, so he is postponing because he just scored a last minute invite to a reception affecting one of his deals.  It’s a huge deal, so he’s driving out there in about 45 minutes.  He won’t be back in town until 8:30 or 9, and asked if we could see each other then.  He was nervous asking for the postponement, but I was so excited for him I just did not care.

My initial response was “Cool!  I have some work I can finish.”  He laughed, of course.

Then, I asked him if he wanted me to come with him tonight.  I said, I know this is weird, but I could tag along . . . he said, oh, wow, um, that would be great, but I can’t bring you.  I mean, I guess I could call, but I am a guest . . . I said, BFD, it’s not a big deal.  And it wasn’t.  He was charmed that I would have wanted to attend, and it had never occurred to him before.  When I thought about, I realized that perhaps it would not be the best thing, depending upon how he would want to play it.  I can be a little much in a small town.  I can tone it down, but I am obviously a city mouse, which might not work for him if he is trying to be a man of the people. Yes, it’s these things I worry about.

I did mention to him I had two options for us for tonight, both of which he wanted to do — movie and dinner, which was his original suggestion, and a party at the museum, which all of my friends are attending.

I am still wrapping my mind around the fact I am in a relationship with him, and I think he is, too.  Technically, we’ve been dating for 5 weeks, but we’ve only had 4 dates.  That’s why it is so weird that we’re so close.  It’s been weird that we’ve been so close for nearly the entire time.  I miss him when he’s gone.  I really like him.  I thrill when he calls me one of the two or three rotating pet names.  It’s not physical.  Rather, it’s not just physical — he physical connection is strong and well, everything is really great.  We are connected more deeply than that . . . like in the ads.  We understand each other and strive to know each other.

When he told me where he was going, I was genuinely excited for him.  It’s a cool thing and he will love it. He happily remembered that I know a bit about it, without prompting, and it reinforced that I am kind of cool.

He asked me, a bit out of the blue, how to quit the dating service through which we met.  I said, gosh, I don’t know, but I do know how to turn matching off, so I directed him there and he did.  It occurred to me then that I am probably his girlfriend, at least in his mind.

This thought was confirmed by our his next topic . . . what we would be doing on Saturday.  It began with the errands he has to run.  Really, BFD?  I mentioned the game I know he wants to watch and we discussed whether we would again see my friends.  I said, well, we could invite them to your house . . . or I can get us invited to their house.  He said, um, let me think about both.  I also told him that bottom line, we would be watching the game, even if it’s just us.  There is another option, of course: watching it out.  Neither of us thought about that one.  I did not offer up my house because I have the worst tv among the couple, BFD and me.  The couple has the best, by far, as BFD mentioned.  In fact, he might have tv envy — he’s already mentioned getting a new tv twice since we were at E’s and he hates the idea of profligate spending, or at least he gives lip service to it.  (He did just buy a brand new car last week and he has a second brand new car in his garage, but that’s neither here nor there.)

He encouraged me again to go out with my friends tonight, but I declined for work.  It’s great that he likes them.  They are not 100% sure about him, but I am sure they will like him.  That male competitive thing may come into play, but he’s really great and I know that it will be cool once they get to know him.

I am actually happy to be home while he is off glad-handing.  It’s an important element of his project and it will definitely help.  Thinking about him makes me smile.  Things have begun changing quickly between us.  They are settling into a great pattern.  He seems to know that I am comfortable when he puts his work ahead of our relationship.  He assures me it won’t always be this way (uh-huh).  We both have crazy jobs that enable us to take off for weeks at a time, but force us to work long hours when we’re working.