Yesterday was the third day in a row his business has interfered with my social life.  After his last minute business invitation, we agreed to push the date to later, but then he was delayed by an additional two hours getting back in to town.  He let me know the change after I was dressed and ready.  Of course.  I should have waited to get ready, but I did not want to have to rush if he forgot to call me until he hit the city limits.

When he got home after 11, he immediately called.  We spoke for over an hour about all sorts of things, including lots of things about me and my business. All of a sudden, he’s all interested in what I do and how my industry works.  Weird.

Tonight was our first phone date and I know it will not be our last.  We each travel too much and are too busy to see each other regularly.   We just chatted about his evening, my evening, my proposed trip for next week, his sport, and my work.  He really listened, he asked perceptive questions.  When I digressed on a point and we spoke for a while about something related to him, he pulled me back to the original question.    It was like speaking to a normal non-BFD person.  I was kind of surprised, since I like him despite the fact he is a raging narcissist.  (It um takes one to know one.)

Toward the end of the conversation, I chastised BFD for standing me up three days in a row, and he said, hey, I am being stood up, too . . . by my own schedule. I laughed uproariously, because he sounded equally frustrated.

Because I understand why he’s been unavailable, I am not unhappy about it, though I really wanted to see him last night.  All I could think was being with him, and, basically, attacking him.  He is well enough that he has two workouts scheduled for today.  I think I will have to beat his ass if he reinjures himself and cancels on me again.

The plan for today is now to get together at 5ish, but we shall see.

When I awoke this morning, I found an email from him with a link to a video showing his sport from the competitor’s perspective.  Now, I actually find him hotter than I did before . . . and this is a man I intend to attack when I see him.