Tonight, we went to dinner at a hip, slightly divey restaurant.  There was a long wait, but he found two seats at the bar, so that is where we ate.  We both ate a bit too much, but we had a good time.  The conversation never dulled, we could see some of the game, and we interacted with the staff and the people around us. He has already decided what we’re doing for our next date, and I am kind of excited about it.  It’s too bizarre for me to mention here yet, but he seemed happy I was enthusiastic about it.

Toward the end, an extremely interesting guy sat down next to me.  BFD struck up a conversation with him when he saw the book the guy was reading, he was obviously a graduate student.  BFD is so open with everyone, there is a real charm there.  Because it was related to the discussion, BFD told him specifically what he had done as a career, going into more detail than I’d ever heard.  He also mentioned the cool thing and the guy was suitably impressed.  By the end, BFD handed him his card and the guy invited us to something really cool.  When BFD stepped away, I continued speaking with him and I gave him my email address, too.

The guy asked us if we met each other in [the place they both lived], and I said, no we met here.  I never thought about the fact we look like a couple.  Obviously we look like a couple, but I guess we look like we’ve been together for a while.  I am still wrapping my mind around that.

We came back here after he whined a bit about having to drive to his place and then drive me back here instead of just coming directly to mine.  We came here though he is allergic to my cat.  We put the game on and he laid down in the middle of the bed.  I sat next to him for a couple of minutes until he pulled me on top of him.  He’s still not pain-free, but he is much better.

Later, while he was curled around me, holding on to my hip, I said, okay, so what’s your opinion on sleep-overs?  He said, well, they’re fine, but it takes a while to feel that kind of sleep intimacy, and it’s hard to sleep with someone new.  I cannot argue his point, but I hate how short our dates feel.  He is not yet comfortable having me sleep at his place and he could not sleep here because of the cat.

Part of the problem is that he lives relatively far from me.  If he comes to get me, takes me back to his place, and then drives me home, it’s 2 hours of driving for him.  He is slightly irritated that we live so far apart, but it was his choice to live where he lives.  He drove past my place twice today and I would only drive past his if I were stalking him.

I think I am now his girl.  We are definitely connected to each other.  He asks after my friends.  We make general plans with the assumption we will be seeing each other regularly.  We are also becoming good friends.  We find each other interesting, and I can see our friendship continuing.  Our attraction is as strong as ever.  He showed up early and I was not ready.  He called from downstairs and asked if I was dressed and I told him, honestly, no, so he insisted on coming up.  Sadly for him, I was dressed by the time he knocked.  I should have answered the door naked, but that did not occur to me until later.  He mentioned that had I done that, we would have missed dinner.

Things are comfortable, as always, between us.  I wish we had more time together.  I hate that we missed 3 dates in a row.  I hate that I may be out of town on Thursday through next weekend.  We spoke when he got home for a couple of minutes and I assume we will speak tomorrow.  (He said he will call, but who knows with him.)

I have decided we need to talk about sex and intimacy.  I want him to know certain things — like the fact I am holding back on the flirtation and playfulness.  I’d like to be fully myself, but I think we should talk first.

I am pleased with everything.  I was a bit disappointed that we came back here — I would have made the bed better and put the two dirty dishes in the kitchen — but it felt great to be with him.