I am so angry I can barely see straight.

BP, my business partner, a man who is actively trying to [date] me, is being such a dick I am incapable of properly processing it.

We have a deal.  I am working my ass off — he is supposed to cover my expenses until our business cash flows.  Except he’s making me stress about it.  I am suffering this week.  I have $5.  I have two urgent needs and I need spending money.  I lost two non-BP projects last week that we had good proposals on.  Each group decided that with the economy . . . they need not spend thousands of dollars before the end of the year.

Now, I am suffering.  I am out of allergy meds, so I am hive-y and blotchy.  My pantry is emptying rapidly.  The money he was supposed to have deposited last week, he has not even thought about.

I asked him, in follow up, if I should stress (meaning, should I look elsewhere to keep things on?).  His response: “I am not a psychologist.”


This is one of the reasons I have not slept with him.  He would be just as slow to do what I need, but I would be able to have grave regrets about surrendering my virtue.


Of course, as I sat here in tears, he emailed me to say everything is taken care of.  No more than 10 minutes had elapsed.  I think that makes him even more dickish.