This weekend, I made a playlist of songs I thought BFD would like.  Tonight, I told him about it (via email) and uploaded 6 songs to a storage account for him.

I have listened to music at his home and in his cars, so I think I have a fairly good idea of his taste — which needs to be expanded a bit.  I have the feeling that he is a bit stuck in the same types of music he has listened to since he graduated from college — 20 years ago.  I was underwhelmed.  What I sent him were similar genres, but better music.

He is having another rough week.  We exchanged email today rather than speaking, which I think was the right move.  I wanted to hear his voice, but I did not want to interrupt his workflow, even at 10:30 at night, when he was still working.  It’s the first day we have both been in town and not spoken in weeks.

Our big, meaningful double date on Friday — cancelled.  His associate is not coming into town. Instead, BFD is heading out of town to see him tomorrow and we’re going out on Saturday.  Good news: solo date.  I am still giving him credit for the invite and the three musketeers are giving me credit for finally accepting reality and acknowledging that he is my boyfriend.*

He emailed me this afternoon to see if we could move our date to Saturday.  He was grateful that I agreed.  In fact, a Saturday date is way better than a Friday date, though I know it will be short since we’re both traveling on Sunday.

A couple of hours later, I finally (after 8 weeks) made my first overture to him . . . I started to write an email asking “if we could grab a drink or something,” where, for me, the “or something” was sex.  (It was all I could think about.)  Unfortunately, while I was writing it, BP called to say he was flying in tonight to take me to dinner. I sent the email anyway, expressing my sadness that even in writing it, I could not do it.  He is frustrated, too.  It is so annoying to be this busy, but with the holiday coming up and the end of the year, these things happen.

Of course, BP ended up stuck where he was, so I cancelled my own invite for nothing, though i know BFD could not have taken the time away from his project.  He was still working when I emailed him the songs at 10:30, making me happy to know I called instead of emailing.

Everything with BFD continues to be solid.  The only problem: my relationship with BP, who is not going away quietly.  My mother advised me to keep my mouth shut about BFD and dating.  She, like everyone else, is nervous as to what will happen to my business relationship if I shut down the romance completely.  I have been clear with BP that I am not interested in being exclusive with him and, as my mother noted, he should know I am dating.  I have been dropping hint after hint, but he is still in the game.

I am happy where things are with BFD.  If I could change anything, it would be that I would like to see him more than once a week (or less).  Though we are not often physically together, we are very connected because we are communicating daily about real stuff.  I love that and I feel that our relationship is stronger since we’re basically having a long-distance relationship though we both live here because of our travel schedules.

I cannot wait to see him on Saturday.

*I am still uncomfortable calling him my boyfriend.

** It was a playlist, not a mixtape.