I was supposed to be headed home today, but I am delayed by BP and some rescheduled meetings.

Rather than spending the evening with BFD, I am still on vacation.  It’s the end of the year, a time when we do absolutely no business of consequence.  Being here is the same as being at home from a work perspective.  I am doing maybe an hour of work each day, so the chance to knock some lower level things out is good.

The hard part is I miss BFD.  A lot.  When I told him I was aggravated by the delay from today to tomorrow, he sent me an email to tell me to hang in there and then mentioned a specific moment he’d been replaying from our last date.  Hot.  As a result, all afternoon long, I kept replaying the same and was even more distracted than usual.

Tonight, I emailed him to say I am delayed through the weekend, home on Sunday at the earliest.  I have a cool reason to be delayed and he was very encouraging, as always.  He wanted to know the details so I told him.  As usual, he was more interested in the business arrangement and my role than in the cool element.

BP is the source of my aggravation because he has been dealing with a lot of stuff not involving me.  He has been allowing little emergencies to arise and derail our stuff.  Rather than allow me to fly home, he has kept me here, on vacation, for an extra week for no reason.  It’s kind that he did it.  I could have been home living my modest existence.  Instead, I have been here, shopping, cooking, and having a grand time.

The only sad part is that I am away from the cat, my friends, and BFD.

When BP and I discussed my return trip, he kept asking why I needed to go back.  Aside from the cat (who is being cared for by A), he could not see a single reason for me to fly back.  I told him I had a show to attend, a charity board meeting, and the Thursday thing (with BFD).

He said, do you have a date?  I said, yeah, I have a thing.  When I told him what the Thursday thing was, he wanted to know who with.  “A friend.”  Do I know him?  “No.”  Then he said he’d be happy to take me, but that was never the point.

BP has a whole weekend planned for us.  It’s not just about the meetings.  It’s also about our relationship.  He has been putting the hard press on from time to time.  Today was one of those days.  He used every seduction technique in his arsenal, ending with an offer to take me to something sports related he knew I would love.  He’s such an infuriating man.  We also revisited some old relationship stuff and I reminded him why I am still displeased.  I do love the man, but he’s not the man for me in a romantic relationship.

Instead, that would be BFD.

I am crazy about BFD and I miss him terribly.  I am gone this weekend, he is gone next weekend, I am traveling the weekend after that for Christmas and I think he is gone through the next weekend.  We actually laughed at our schedules.  He said, well, we knew the holidays were going to be rough, but we’ll work it out.

I am sure we can schedule some midweek things, but it’s aggravating to know that we could have been together last weekend or this weekend if BP had been honest with me or more considerate.