Last night, I told BFD I wanted to see him tonight, so we made plans to get together (ahem . . . sex, then dinner).  We were both very excited about this.

I emailed him at 2ish on Wednesday to say that I have been thinking about tonight since last night, etc.  He emailed me back immediately to say basically that it was not going to happen.  Business emergency derailed his schedule, blah, blah, blah. I responded quickly with understanding and support.

He called me around 5ish to confirm we would not be seeing each other.  We spoke for about 15 minutes and it was another important conversation.  He told me about a house he had been thinking about buying elsewhere, which, now that he is here, he is not getting it.  I know he meant for the project, but it felt like he also meant me.

His plan, were he not here, would have been to buy this 7k sf house in a resort town because he feels it’s under priced by at least 33%, even in this market.  I forget sometimes that he is actually wealthy.  He is not ungracious, but I know that he likes to keep me involved in everything he is thinking about and he is very open with me about his finances.  Then he offered me a contingent contract at double industry standard for his project.  It’s a lot of money for almost no work, but we would definitely have to talk about it because it could have relationship implications I don’t think either of us want.  I am flattered, but I think I have to decline.

In addition, we both expressed palpable frustration at not being able to make this work midweek.  He said, “well, it should only be another month like this, and then we can do midafternoon uh midweek.”  I swear there was crackling on the line there was so much sexual energy between us.  The sex thing with him is fascinating because my desire to be with him, which is overwhelming, is not just a sexual desire.  It’s a desire to be with him, no matter what we’re doing.

He called me again at 8:30 when he was between projects for just a couple of minutes and we agreed we’d speak again when he was actually done.

I finally called him at 11:30ish as I was getting ready for bed.  He was nearly done, but not quite.  Still it was good to hear his voice and I told him there was a small chance we’d be able to see each other on Thursday.