I had stopped receiving matches more than a month ago, but I officially quit my membership today.

I had signed up for a 3 month subscription on the day BFD and I were matched, although it was more than a week before I contacted him after I knew were both checking out each other’s profiles fairly regularly.  (Plus, he was so handsome with such an intriguing profile, so I figured why not?)  My sub ends Saturday, and I have been debating when to quit.   Today just felt right,  I knew I would not renew, since there is no point.  I am with BFD, happily.

BFD asked me over a month ago how to quit, but I did not exactly know.  I told him how to turn off matching.

It still shocks me that I am with BFD.  It shocks me more that I met him online, but I know that online was the best way for us to have met.  We got to know each other in one day in ways that might have taken months for us to have worked out in drips and drabs.   By then, we might have moved on, never knowing how well-suited we were for each other.

No matter what happens, I am eHarmony’s biggest fan.