This week, I have received two photos of naked women.

The first was sent to me by a woman who did not realize I had A’s old number. I forwarded it to A without comment. He showed up here within twenty minutes to say “well, that’s awkward.” Yes, it was, especially since I know her.

The second was sent to me by BP this morning. He forwarded a picture a woman on his ski trip had sent him of herself, saying “this is my problem.” The woman is so gorgeous even I might be tempted to sleep with her, and that’s not my thing. I texted him “It looks like you will continue to have an entertaining weekend. i would say ‘enjoy yourself’ but i think you have that covered.” He responded back “she is just a friend.”

Since I now know her personal grooming habits, that is clearly a lie.

What surprised me is that women send these pictures to him all the time. He told me that most of them are women he has never slept with and is certainly not sleeping with now. I just find that shocking. No matter how gorgeous you are — and they really are all stunning — how could you send a naked or nearly naked picture of yourself to a man you are not sleeping with as an enticement?

Of course, BP could be lying, but I know him well enough to know he does not sleep with women casually. He is slightly old-fashioned and extremely paranoid about unwanted children or diseases. It’s the prerogative of a man in his position to be extremely careful about who he has sex with and how. I should not be surprised he regularly receives such photos, but I am surprised women choose to send them to him and to A.