I have been looking back at the personal progress and professional difficulties that have made 2008 such an interesting year.  What I do know is that I have acheived most of my personal goals — lost the weight, regained my confidence and social life,  and even found a boyfriend (though my only goal was to recover from the breakup).  My professional goals — more money, more control — seem within my grasp with the new venture my business partner BP and I are launching in a couple of weeks.  We are both very excited about the new business.  He has been focused on it and he believes it will cashflow well for us quickly.

To acheive my goals in 2008, I had to be extremely me-centric, which brought me to a whole new level to my normal egocentric navel-gazing.  I preferred to prepare my own meals, at home.  Being broke helped keep me from happy hours.  I had to practice talking to men.  I had to do a lot to rebuild my confidence and adjust to my body image (and I am still not 100% there).  Again, it was all “me me me.”

For 2009, my goal is to be a better person than I have been in 2008.

My plan for 2009:

  • Challenge myself more often — spend part of every week learning something completely disconnected from my work life
  • Be a better friend — make invitations, accept invitations, call them and keep calling
  • Ask better questions — focus my energy on the person to whom I am speaking and treat everyone I love like someone I find fascinating (even when I don’t)
  • Spend more time exploring my cultural passion — travel to see what I cannot see here, but explore better what this town has to offer
  • Share more of myself with others — tolerate the rolled eyes from my friends, but engage them in conversations about things important to me (holding back the serious stuff is disrespectful to them and maybe they are more ready to discuss the things I share with A, BP, and BFD)
  • Demand what I want — accept that I am worthy of having everything I want and take more control over my own happiness*

It is a surprisingly short list.  I just want to be a better, happier me in 2009.  I want to reach out more, share more, and learn more.

*I implemented this tonight, when my escort for the evening was starting to waiver about plans for the evening.  I said, okay, let me tell you exactly what I want to do.  If you are interested, then let’s do that.  Before, I might have let him take the lead and just gone along without expressing myself forcefully.  It’s a bad habit I need to break.