I gchat with best friend Jerk Face regularly, and the poor guy is often the recipient of my overly dramatic overreactions to the BFD stuff.  (He’s met BFD on our awful 4th date, so he knows why I like him [brilliant, inquisitive, well-educated, successful] and thinks he’s an ass.  Yay.)

Yesterday, I was typing away and used a word I use all the time in speaking and writing to characterize a certain behavior of mine.  JF stopped me and wanted to know what it meant.  That’s a fairly typical thing for people to ask each other, so I told him.  It’s perhaps slightly archaic, but again, it’s something I say.

JF, being true to his (nick)name, then accused me of never having said it before.  Why he chose to make an issue out of it is beyond me.

His little tantrum reminded me of one of my 2009 resolutions.  I do have very different conversations with people, sometimes in very different language, depending upon who they are and what I know to be their interests.  This weekend, I spent time with a group of friends, all smart and successful, who were shocked at my general knowledge when we played a game.  It makes me wonder how much I hold back regularly from my friends.  I mean, I have a library . . . do you think I don’t read?

I was a bit of a jerk to Jerk Face, saying that just because I do not say something to him does not mean I do not say it.  That is not the jerky part, this is:  I told him, I don’t spend much time discussing [esoteric reference] either, but that does not mean I never discuss it with anyone. Nice.

One of my resolutions is to have discussions with my friends that engage them more in my world.  I tend to be vague with them about some of my deep passions I know they do not share, but that is not fair to them.  They might be interested.  They might wish to engage about them.  One of the reasons I am so close to A, to BP, and to BFD is that we each share  deeper passions for things that we completely geek out about.

JF’s jerkiness was a good reminder of my resolution and the need to keep including them in some of the geekier things I care about.  He does not make it easy, though.