The new year has been interesting so far.  I am very busy with work, implementing my resolutions, reconnecting to my boyfriend (alas, still not physically), reaching out to my friends and my family, and spending entirely too much time on facebook (especially today).  I realized I never spoke about the great start I had to the new year or everything else that has been going on.

New Year’s Eve

I had an excellent new year’s eve with W and friends at a performance.  We drank champagne, I ate chocolate mousse cake, and I made a new friend and reconnected with an acquaintance — the woman who had been on the date with N when I inadvertantly picked him up at a gala.  Oops.  No harm, no foul and we’ve made plans for cocktails soon.  She landed a perfect shot at me, for which she immediately apologized, but it was fair game and well-deserved.  Now, we’re friends.

I decided to skip all the parties, so I came home, spoke to BP for an hour, called my family on the east coast, and promptly fell asleep, awakened by my brother just before midnight.  Asleep, I called BFD to wish him happy new year, not realizing he was still on east coast time.  No answer.  By the next morning, I only remembered I called after I saw my log, with no idea what I said.

New Year’s Day

W and I made plans for our traditional southern start to the new year and made plans to meet at 1 for an early NYD meal before the Rose Bowl.  JF agreed to join us while E & K declined for the meal, but accepted for the game, location tbd.  W, with whom I had spoken 45 minutes before, was late to pick me up and did not answer his phone.  Though we did not yet know it, his (ex) girlfriend, who had broken up with him on NYE and 3 out of the 4 days before, showed up at his house “to talk.”  JF figuring something was up drove south and ended up in my neighborhood before we decided W was not coming.  W confirmed while we were on our way to the restaurant.

The company was excellent, but the meal was eh.  JF and I sat outside during the long wait for a table and talked about our goals for the new year.  I began implementing my resolutions for being a better, more engaged person with my friends — specifically, asking better questions and sharing more of myself.  I asked JF detailed questions about the various women he is dating and tried to finally put names, locations, and backgrounds together.  (It’s not completely my fault — his dating life is complex.)  I told him about my resolutions, and I probably told him about some my cultural passion.  I was careful to not discuss BFD, much.  That can get so tiresome.

After lunch, we arranged ultimately to head to M’s house.  M is one of JF’s closest friends, but we do not know each other well.  We had a business relationship a few years ago, but we were never really friends.  When we arrived, M had a beautiful woman there who I had never met before, but whom JF knew.  Over the course of the next 7 hours, we hung out at M’s, random people started to show up (including E & K), and we had the best new year’s day party any of us had ever attended.  A new tradition was born.  By the end, we were doing cheers (no seriously), playing board games, and uploading all of it to facebook.

(I was the only person not drinking, although I did eat candy . . . )

In two days, I made new friends, turned old acquaintances into friends, and connected even more strongly to my family of friends.  Despite missing BFD, I had a great start to the New Year.