On Monday, BFD had to cancel our date because of a business crisis.

We had not seen each other for weeks, and we were both very upset about it, but there was nothing we could do.  It was serious and only he could resolve it.  We could not reschedule because he was flying out early the next morning and coming back on Sunday.  When I pointed out that it would be more than 30 days since we had seen each other, he became even more upset.  He told me, rather forcefully, that he would come back early.

I figured that was just a gratuitous comment like “I’ll call you from the road,” which he almost never does.

Except he texted me tonight that he is back tomorrow.

Now, knowing BFD, that means I will see him on Saturday.  To fly back tomorrow, he had to change up his schedule rather significantly because I know he has a big meeting and I cannot imagine how late he will be arriving.

I am very happy he is coming back early.  I am very happy that I should be able to see him on Saturday (although, really, who knows with him).  I am extremely happy that he picked spending time with me over his existing plans and work.

I cannot wait to see him.