W just called me with a ticket for tonight to a show I have wanted to see for two weeks.

My nyd buddies will all be there and it’s the second best thing I could imagine doing today.

W and I discussed BFD briefly.  I told him in about 45 seconds about BFD’s latest disappearing act, and W said: “isn’t it fucked up that that’s not that unusual for him?”  Yes, it is fucked up, and, yes, no one thinks it’s a dealkiller.  None of my friends, nor BFD, nor, frankly, me.

W and I agreed basically that if I hear from BFD and need to blow off W, he will be mad, but he will understand.  He said, “hey you have to do what you need to to make your relationship work.”

Because I have skipped seeing BFD off when I have had plans with W in the past, I doubt I would blow W off.  But then again, W always blows us off for his fucked up relationship, so if I hear from BFD I might consider it.

I am not thinking about it for now.  Instead, I am lounging around, clearing the dvr, culling my iTunes, and excited that I have a ticket to a show I really want to see.