Last night, I had an incredibly entertaining night.

I went to a show with W, JF, and our friends from new year’s day.  I had a glass of wine pre-show and a glass of wine at intermission.  After, we went downtown to hit a party at a bar.  I drank water, while everyone else continued imbibing.  We danced a little (excellent dj) and had a blast.  I think I was home by midnight.

I felt really great, until I didn’t.

Around 2 am, I became ill, which continued until about 8:30 this morning.

I cannot imagine I was alcohol poisoned from so little to drink, and I doubt I was food poisoned because I prepared my own meal pre-show from ingredients I have already used.  Strangely, I feel just fine now, if tired.

I laughed when I looked at myself in the mirror.  I look terrible — grey, gaunt — and the result on the scale proves it.  It’s not a real weight, it’s the absence of anything within my body.

Still, I spoke with both W and JF today and we all agreed that was a great group and an entertaining night.  I am enjoying putting myself out there more, accepting invitations, and being social.  It used to feel like a chore, but now, it’s blast.  I like being out, I love my friends, and there are always entertaining things happening in town.

Now, if only I can avoid the source of what sickened me, I will be a very happy girl.