BFD and I will see each other tomorrow, finally.

We are both busy today.  Plus, I am exhausted and food poisoned, but I did not tell him that.  He already thinks I am clumsy and injury-prone.  (Accurately.)  No need to add sickly to the mix.

Tomorrow will be low-key — sushi take-out here after his rehab like date 8.  He’ll be here at 7-ish and he is flying out again the next morning for two days, so it will be an early night, too.

All of that is okay, I just want to see him.  It’s absurd that it’s been so long.  I would like to think I have zero expectations, but I know we’re exactly where we were when we last saw each other.  He was sweet on the phone, calling me various pet names, and offering excellent advice on a business matter I wanted to discuss with him.

We talked through our calendars for the next two weeks and it looks like tomorrow and maybe Friday will be it.  I will have to push for Friday, too, but I know it may be a stretch for him since he will be heading out for 7-10 days the next morning.

I am very charmed by him, I know.  I called him mid-afternoon, and he was so happy to just hear my voice.  When I told him why I’d been trying to speak to him for the past few days, he immediately understood exactly why I am excited about my new venture.  At my request, he gave me great advice — encouraging me to do the right thing, while I might have picked the path of least resistance.  He also understood that when you have a partnership that has lasted as long as mine and BP’s, that something are not done as formally as they should be.  He remarked that he has had some handshake deals, too, which work great when things are great and horrible when things are bad.

The things we share make these conversations so easy.  What we do is not rocket science, by any stretch of the imagination.  Our projects depend on a balance of aggression and finesse, the willingness to negotiate and to know your true bottom line.  It helps just to speak to someone who understands why I may not take the best deal, the best line.  He knows that I may choose to take less money to save points.

He is nervous for me.  It’s a high-risk deal in a shattered economy. He wants me to be stable and secure, obviously.  I hope I was able to convey to him that I will be okay.  I know I conveyed that I am excited.  I will keep involving him as I go.  He is a terrific sounding board and I know that, while I may not follow his advice, it’s important to have his perspective.

Today’s discussion is a big reason I am still with him.  It’s bigger than just a guy I am dating.  I am crazy about him, physically connected to him, blah, blah, blah.  I have had that with other people. I genuinely respect him, and I listen carefully to what he says and how he says it.  He gives excellent advice, interested solely in my well-being and success.  He has no other interest.  He has nothing else to gain.

BFD has often told me about the types of things he does for people he cares about.  He goes to absurd lengths to support people, to help them reach their potential.  His generosity with his knowledge, and his enthusiasm for what I am doing (even while he is nevous about the risk and the timing), is just amazing to me.