Tonight was the big superbowl party at E &K’s house, the site of our fourth date debacle.

It was good.

W, who had never met BFD before, really liked him.  W thought BFD was funny, nice, and geeky — in a way that obviously works for me.  Interestingly, he also thought BFD was taller and larger than E, though I saw them standing next to each other and I know that is not the case, at least in the height department.

BFD fit in well with everyone.  He appeared in a group photo, and then volunteered to take another.  Shockingly, since I know E will post it and out him on facebook.  BFD is so private I cannot imagine him being happy about it, but whatever.  As we were leaving, immediately after the game ended, he told everyone how much he looks forward to seeing them again soon.  It was nice and normal and completely undramatic.

The day began strangely.

I received an email from BFD sent at 858 am that can only be described as cryptic: “I am leaving eharmony so closing down.”  WTF does that mean?  I called him as soon as I saw it, about 10 minutes later.  He answered right away and I said basically, what are you talking about?  He never figured out how to cancel his subscription, so they kept charging him.  I said, “I canceled back when we discussed it and turned off matching.  In November.”  He is such an idiot.  He could not figure out my message from the day before asking to confirm since we had plans.  Argh.  We confirmed for tonight, discussed our schedules for the day and I caught him up a bit on the week.

We both had workouts and busy days planned, so I knew we’d be tight on time though we had 9 hours before kick-off.  He had lunch with his trainer to fire her, which I thought was very nice.  While I was on the trail, I received a text from him asking if we could delay by 30 minutes.  I texted back that I was going to suggest that I show up early for “pre-game.”  His response was “we can’t show up smelling of sex.”  I mused that was how we show up everywhere, but he won that point.

I arrived at the appointed time and he was still upstairs working.  He shut everything down, came down, hugged and kissed me and we were off.  I drove, which he loved. I also got lost, since I had never gone there from his place. We arrived after the game started.  Oops.

Overall, the evening was fun.  The food was outstanding, and it was K’s birthday.  Everyone teased me mercilessly from time to time.  It was exactly like watching a football game with my new boyfriend and my little brothers.

We ended the evening at my place, after I drove him back here.  We discussed my place or his and whether or not I should return the car.  I was adamant about giving it back to him, but it was an ongoing discussion.

Once we arrived, I invited him up because I cannot fathom the idea of ending a date with him without sex.  The better we know each other, the better it is and it has always been great.