Things with BFD can no longer be described as “rocky.”  He has been more involved with me, more attentive, and completely re-engaged in our relationship.

We had the best date we have had in a long time.  Everything was so comfortable.  Everything was so easy.  

This afternoon, BFD sent me a long conversation he had over email with one of his attorneys.  It’s a bad business situation for him that they are working to resolve and it delayed him and kept him distracted for long enough that he asked me to cab all the way out to his place (a $25 cab ride — which of course he paid when I arrived).  

After 10 days apart and 2.5 weeks without sex, we were so excited to see each other that we had sex immediately, followed by a quick shower and a long conversation in his enormous bathroom, and then dinner at an upscale chinese joint.

The sex was seriously great.  Like “I can’t stop thinking about it” great.  Like “I want to memorize every moment” great.  Like “I want to be with him forever” great.  I cannot get certain images out of my mind, or the feeling of his arms around me or his hands grasping mine.  

Dinner was wonderful.  Not the food, which was just okay.  The time we spent together was exactly as I wanted.  I got to know him better.  He got to know me better.  We talked shop.  He explained exactly how the financial portion of his business works.  He explained his wealth, what he will be adding to it, and what purchases he is looking forward to making.  Because of my background, I gave him some tips and we spent far too much time talking about tax impacts, to the irritation of the booths around us I am sure.  At one point, the table behind me said “money laundering,” and we both began eavesdropping, which was too funny. He launched a new business concept we both found so compelling for its opportunity to do good more than its opportunity to do well.  

(In fact, it’s 1:30 am as I write this.  He sent me a draft proposal for the new concept around 11 and I replied back about 9o minutes later.)

I am fascinated by his view of the world.  He wants to make money and help people he cares about.  It’s a simple thing for him.  He is rich now, enough that he would never have to work another day to live as well as he wants.  He will be richer within the next two years.  He outlined his specific goals for his family (parents, nieces/nephews), which I loved.  What we did not speak about was his view on marriage.  We both know we both want to get married and have children, but we never speak about marrying each other.  When we got to the marriage part of the conversation, we took it very, very abstract and left it there.  Children never came into it.  That is not a good sign, but it still seems so early for a “if you were my wife, then . . .” conversation.  When we futured certain things out, I was in the conversation (like, I would prefer your plane be this type of plane for this reason, and I think you should buy my dream car so I can be a passenger in it — we have the same dream car, which I find amusing since I am not a car person.)

He wants me to help him with the new business, which is a big deal since he is well-lawyered.  

We talked calendar and kissed a little in the car, before he drove it home for his day-trip tomorrow.  He said, I was going to give it to you today, but I really need to have it for tomorrow.  Sweet for him to think of it, and unnecessary.  By the time he arrived home, I had already sent him information that the name was clear for use.  He called me a few minutes later and we spoke business and then music until he had to get back to work.  Later he sent me his proposal for the new business we discussed at dinner.

Things between us feel so good.  We’re together and we’re solid.  Things should be calming down in his business life soon, meaning longer dates and more time together.  I am still waiting for a week when we have two dates.  It looks like it won’t happen this week either — he has employees in town for meetings this weekend, though I did remind him we could see each other on Friday . . .