LP, who I just met last night, emailed me at 8:30 am to ask me out for tonight.

Before, I was charmed.  Now, I am mildly irritated.

I have not decided exactly how I will decline, but I am tempted to call him to say, “look, I am flattered, but I am seeing someone (as I told you already), and I am not interested in going out on a date with you while I am seeing him.”  But, calling means I have to talk to him, which may mean he will try to  pressure me into saying yes, which I won’t, but it may cause me to move from irritation to aggravation.  

Now, I could cut him off completely, but he’s a really interesting guy who is going through a divorce and I don’t want to be mean to him.  Also, if I were single, I would absolutely go out with him.  Though I am in a relationship, I would not be opposed to getting to know him as a friend, which was the bulk of our conversation last night at the bar.