I had a long, leisurely lunch and stroll with the Alternate Reality* today.  

AR and I laughed about the fact that I keep attracting the same type of guy (like him, BP, and BFD): wildly successful entrepreneurs.  He said, well, you know why, don’t you?

I said, yeah, sure, so he asked me to tell him specifically. I gave him the “I’m well-educated, sophisticated, [blah, blah, blah].”  He said, yeah, that’s why we want to have a relationship with you, but that’s not why we are attracted to you.

He said the attraction is because within five minutes of talking to me, I am so cool and so together that it’s obvious I do not need a man for anything.  He said “most women want something from a man, but you, you just don’t need anything.  It makes you a challenge because we think, I am going to make her need me.  I am going to figure out how to win her and make her need me.”

He said it takes a very specific man to have the enough confidence to approach me, “sadly, for you, that man is typically an asshole.”


*AR had an obvious crush on me a few years ago when A and I were happily together.  A told me years later that he was very sorry he did not break up with me in time for AR and I to be together.  AR is now happily married and we’re still friends, though we rarely see each other.