I just saw a ghost at the corner market: X, my former dear friend and business partner.

We looked right at each other as I turned a corner with a box of cascade in my hand.  We ignored each other and headed for different parts of the market.  I grabbed my package of peanuts, and he fled into the wine section.

It is so bizarre. My heart was pounding with anxiety and I had to overcome my stress to carry on a light conversation with the cashier who has a wee crush on me.

The best part: I am fully made up and dressed to hang out with W tonight.  He was just off the trail.  

It is possible he did not recognize me immediately:  I weigh at least 30 pounds less than the last time he saw me.  I have long hair now.  But I feel quite confident he was as freaked about it as I was given how he purposefully left the water section to duck around the corner.

I had no idea he still lived here in the neighborhood.  I don’t know anything about his life at all now.  We have a very good friend in common, but I do not discuss him with the friend.  Anything the friend would say about me is very, very good.

This man was an enormous part of my life for nearly a year and I have known him for years.  Yet, seeing him in a market, I said nothing.