Tonight was Date 19 with BFD. We spent the evening at his place. I picked up food from Whole Foods and drove out to his place in the car.

When we spoke earlier to confirm, he said, [Plan], we need to figure out the car thing. I told I thought I’d give it back to him.  He said, no, we just need to figure it out. That was the right answer.  It was unexpected — I assumed I would be giving it back to him.

I decided before we confirmed that I would pick up pizza and a salad from our favorite place. When he asked for pizza and I suggested the place, he got so excited and said he’d pay for it. Whatever. I have had the car this week, so I can swing pizza and salad. When I called them an hour ahead, they were on a two hour delay, so I went to whole foods instead for a made to order pizza and salad from the salad bar.

When I showed up at BFD’s, I rang the bell, knocked, and walked in the unlocked door. There was no sound, no nothing. I put the food down in the kitchen and walked upstairs, I finally heard him getting out of the tub. I left him alone to dry off and I gave him his privacy, though I don’t know why. He kissed me once he was mostly dressed and accompanied me downstairs.

We ate first — too much. The food was very good.  We watched the game and a movie.  He always watches two things at once since he hates commercials.  It’s quite irritating.

He made his big move at halftime.  He flipped off the tv and slipped his hands under my miniskirt — only to discover that the lining was shorts.  The sex was enjoyable, but not completely satisfying for me, which is okay.  I was not feeling quite right and something was definitely off.  I went back upstairs afterwards with him, but I stayed for a while, long enough that he became concerned.  

(Thanks to him, I may have a uti.  Again. Argh.)

After I came back downstairs, we watched the rest of the game.  He asked me to massage his legs as we laid on the sofa.  It’s a funny thing, but that is something he asks frequently and I certainly do not mind.  He made a couple of phone calls, after asking if I minded, which I did not.  I saw that his ex called (his caller id shows up on the tv), and I know he did not call her back.  He grabbed his phones and came back to the sofa and spoke with his legs on my lap and then showed me what he was speaking about when he was done.  There were no secrets between us and I liked that he called from next to me.

Once the game ended, and our team won, he did the dishes and started talking business.  He wants me to do the project but it makes him incredibly nervous for good reason.  He wants to protect his model and he does not want to waste his time.  He told me that he wanted to pay me 50k and 1% equity, which is incredibly generous.  I  . . . did not react.  I told him to let me know if he wanted me to move forward.

Not so adorably, he said, okay, it’s time for you to go, I have to get back to work.  Not surprising.  We kissed and hugged fo r a bit, talked calendar for Sunday (we’re both busy), and then he did something strange(r than normal): he handed me money.  He said, oh, I need to give you money for the pizza . . . and the cabs . . . and whatever.  I accepted it and put it in my purse, realizing when I got home he gave me a hundred dollars, for no reason.

He walked me out and kissed me again.  Once in the drive, he teased me about the car — wanting to know if I had scratched it yet.  (I live in fear of that happening.)

I called him once I got home, to let him know I arrived, and I told him that I am very charming and available if he ever wants company on his social outings like he has on Sunday night.