BFD called me this morning. Thought it was after 9:30 am, I was not yet fully awake.

He called to remind me he was leaving today to fly off for business. Except he had never told me he was leaving. Had I realized, I would have made plans to have seen him on Tuesday after his downtown workout stuff. Instead, I met up with BP.

He was supposed to have left on Tuesday, then Wednesday morning, but instead he was leaving in the afternoon. I asked when he decided and he said last week — I thought I told you. Um, no. I asked when he was back and he said “Monday, at 230. You’re picking me up from the airport.” Well, okay then. I asked if he needed a ride there, and he told me that his assistant would drive him.

I am actually thrilled to be asked to get him. It’s a relationshippy-thing and we should be doing it. Plus, this is his first trip since I have had the car.

We had not spoken in a few days. I have been really busy, as I assume he has been. We have been emailing, but I do not think I have spoken to him since Sunday.

I see why he called me last night. He was downtown and wanted to see me before he left, hoping I would have been finished with my dinner meeting. With planning, we could have pulled it off.

He also asked me how I was enjoying the car. It’s obvious it is one of the ways he shows me how he cares for me. He told me he would add me to his insurance policy, rather than having me get my own policy, which is what we should have done months ago.

I spent a long time telling him about my dinner meeting, what the project is, and how well I did. He was really excited for me, mostly because I was excited.

After we hung up, I emailed him to say thank you for letting me use the car and how much it meant to me to have it last night, that it was like having him with me.

BFD and I are very solid, despite the fact he forgot to tell me he was going out of town for five days. I feel like his girlfriend. I am his girlfriend. I cannot wait to see him on Monday, when I pick him up at the airport for the first time. It is another step in our progression.

I feel differently about myself which is translating into a shift in my relationship with BFD. It’s funny, the more independent I am from him, the more I enjoying being dependent upon him. I love the fact I am driving his car. Last week, I thought of it as my car. I love that he gave me money because I did not need it. And I love that he sent me his package to do his project and I emailed him back to say that I will need to revise it so it will work. He agreed.

I am aware that this is an unusual relationship, but I am genuinely happy in it.