I realize that I am probably ridiculously in love with BFD.

As I drove around today to various meetings and a working dinner with BP, I could not stop thinking about BFD. I saw his face everywhere.

Part of it is that I am driving the same car he drives — it was what he drove on our first date and several subsequent dates. He drove me in it to dinner as recently as two weeks ago. This is a car he genuinely enjoys driving, especially this time of year. It’s not his primary vehicle, but it’s a great car and it’s fun to drive.

As I fiddled with my ipod, I flashed to a memory of him doing the same thing to put on truly terrible music. (His taste in music is so awful I cannot bear to acknowledge what he likes to anyone or even here, anonymously. Since I am very into music, it really bothers me that his taste is so bad. I have sent him things that are within the genres he likes, and he hates them. Still, I try.)

I miss him very much. I called him to tell him about today’s meeting with PPB in her big fancy office. The meeting was not good, so I wanted to tell him all about it. I have so much respect for him, and I know he will always tell me the truth.

Though he is gone, and will be until Monday, I am really happy that I am with him. I know I love him, and every time I have to drive somewhere, I slide into the car and think of him, happily.