My text message exchange with BFD continued. BFD sent a casual text message at the end of an exchange describing his disappointment at having to postpone especially since he was downtown at a dinner maybe 10 blocks from me, saying “I have to be up early because I am heading to [Big City in another state] in the morning.”


He had texted earlier that we would speak later, so I waited a bit, then I called him at home, on his cell, and then texted him. After getting no response back regarding a trip he’d never mentioned and no idea when he was returning, I sent him an email addressing some relatively pressing issues we needed to discuss and sent it a little after midnight.

I received his substantive response after 7 am that contained a line so harsh i could only respond “ouch.” He responded back an hour later, not realizing that I was upset because of what he said, saying, yeah, he works too hard, but he hates it and loves it.

Still, clueless.

I immediately began drafting a response that was variations on I hate you, you stupid, narcissistic motherfucker, along with a substantive response.

I did not send it.