At least 10 times last night, I thought to myself, I could be with BFD instead of standing around with these small time people. Ugly, sure, but seriously, last night was such a waste of my time.

Instead of having sex with BFD, I was bored out of my mind. I spoke to one interesting woman. One. In a roomful of people.

I got hit on by an older guy who recited a poem to me. He was mildly interesting for 3 minutes. I spoke to him for 15. I finally broke away and then he approached me again for another 5.

I get bored really easily, especially at cocktail functions. I find most people dull and tiresome. It’s not something I am proud of, but it is the truth.

Everything everyone was talking about last night was so small, so insignificant. The place was cool, I guess, but the work they were doing there was small.

For the most part, I provided only perfunctory responses and I asked a lot of questions. They thought I was charming. I was freaking bored.

Plus, since I went with W and JF (and I drove), I got stuck longer than I wanted. There was nothing there I could eat and my blood sugar plummeted precipitously while I was driving — had to eat a plain single from Wendy’s just to keep my concentration up while we drove back into town.

I am never doing another one of those when I could be happily ensconced in bed with BFD. Nor when I could be home on my own sofa. I am not joining that group, contributing money to that cause, or having any further involvement. I do not need to be around such small thinking, such small talk.